(Jelly)fish out of water – fun with comb jellies

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On a recent scuba trip to San Carlos, Mexico (on the Sea of Cortez), I noticed a plethora of jellyfish near the boat’s ladders after a dive. Since I found them so interesting, I decided to devote a separate post to my photos of the jellies.

san carlos sea of cortez comb jellies

Jellies of all different sizes by one of the ladders.

The first thing you need to know is that these were not stingy jellyfish. I knew this because by the time I saw them, I had swum right through the throng on my way to the ladders. If I didn’t already know they weren’t stingy, I may not have been as hands-on as I was! On the other hand, you never know with me.

Actually, after a bit of googling, I’m pretty sure these are not jellyfish at all, but rather, comb jellies. And yes, comb jellies and jellyfish are two distinct groups of animals.

My comb jelly photos

I think the photos speak for themselves, so won’t add much commentary. I’ll just say this – hopefully you find these creatures as cool as I do! Playing with them was definitely a highlight of my trip.

san carlos sea of cortez comb jellies

It reminds me of a Pac-Man ghost!

san carlos sea of cortez comb jellies

You can see the “combs” going up the side of this one.

san carlos sea of cortez comb jellies

The combs are visible in this one too.

san carlos sea of cortez comb jellies

They have more structure than I expected for such gelatinous creatures.

san carlos sea of cortez comb jellies

If we hold them right we can even use them as magnifying glasses!

P.S. – I took all these photos using my cell phone, which I think handled the job pretty well!

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